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Abrahams Golf Carts Claimed


Reserve your cart by filling out the form below!

Located in Casa de Campo, Abrahams Golf Carts offers practical and reliable golf cart rental services for guests seeking an efficient way to navigate the resort.

Key Highlights:

  1. Versatile Fleet: Choose from our 4-seater and 6-seater golf carts, available in both gas and electric models. These vehicles are selected for their reliability and ease of operation, ideal for getting around Casa de Campo.
  2. Effective Transportation: Our golf carts are straightforward in design and function, providing a convenient mode of transport to access various points within the resort, from beaches to dining areas and recreational facilities.
  3. Hassle-Free Rental Experience: We prioritize your convenience. The golf carts are delivered directly to your villa upon arrival and picked up from there after your departure, ensuring a seamless experience without the need to visit rental locations.
  4. Safety and Maintenance: Safety is a top priority at Abrahams Golf Carts. Our fleet undergoes regular maintenance and safety checks to ensure a safe and reliable ride throughout your stay.
  5. Suitable for All Group Sizes: Our range of cart sizes caters to different group needs, making it easy for individuals, couples, families, or groups to explore the resort comfortably.
  6. Dedicated Customer Service: Our team is committed to providing excellent service. We are always ready to assist with your rental needs, answer questions, and ensure you have a pleasant experience with us.

Abrahams Golf Carts is dedicated to enhancing your experience at Casa de Campo, offering efficient, convenient, and safe transportation options right to your doorstep. Enjoy exploring the resort with the ease and comfort provided by our golf carts.

Please refrain from entering your residential address. Provide the location where you wish your golf carts to be delivered upon your arrival.
Your golf carts will be conveniently delivered to your specified location before your check-in time at 3pm.
Your golf carts will be promptly collected from your specified location after your departure time at 11am. Should you require an extension of your rental due to a late checkout, please be advised that an additional fee, equivalent to a half day's rental price per cart, will be applied.
Selected Value: 1
The prices are as follows: $55 per night per cart for a Gas 4 Seater, and $70 per night per cart for an Electric 4 Seater. Prices are subject to change at any time, particularly during Semana Santa (March 22, 2024 to April 1, 2024) and the high season (December 15 to January 10).
The prices are as follows: $75 per night per cart for a Gas 6 Seater, and $90 per night per cart for an Electric 6 Seater. Prices are subject to change at any time, particularly during Semana Santa (March 22, 2024 to April 1, 2024) and the high season (December 15 to January 10).
By completing this reservation form and submitting your payment, including the non-refundable deposit, you, the client, express your intent to reserve golf carts. Upon submission, Abraham's Carts will verify the availability of carts for your requested dates. Once availability is confirmed, we require a non-refundable deposit to secure your reservation. A payment link or electronic invoice, utilizing the secure payment service Stripe, will be sent to the email address you have provided. This process ensures the security and confidentiality of your payment information. This agreement also applies to any future reservations made by the same client, ensuring a streamlined and consistent reservation process for all subsequent bookings. Non-refundable Deposit: The deposit, required to finalize your reservation, becomes non-refundable once paid. It will be listed on your credit card statement as a charge from BMB Global Trading, LLC. The deposit is forfeited in the event of cancellation. Should you need to adjust your reservation, such as reducing the number of carts, we may consider partial refunds of the deposit, minus transaction fees, on a case-by-case basis, provided changes are requested more than 30 days before the reservation date. Modifications within 30 days of the reservation date are not eligible for refund. If Abraham's Carts cannot fulfill your reservation, a full refund will be issued. Balance Payment: The balance is due upon delivery of the golf carts. Payments can be made in USD Cash or by Credit Card. Credit Card Payments: An additional 18% service charge (ITBIS), as mandated by Dominican Republic law, will be applied to the remaining balance paid via credit card. This fee does not apply to the deposit. Rental Duration: The selected rental period reflects your commitment to rent the carts for the duration specified. Any changes require advance agreement and may be subject to availability and rate adjustments. Price Changes: Rental prices are subject to change, especially during peak seasons like Semana Santa and high demand periods. Cancellation Policy: Deposits are not refundable upon cancellation. Notify us well in advance for booking changes or cancellations, as outlined in our cancellation policy available upon request. Authorization for Charge in Case of Non-Payment: In case of refusal to pay the agreed price upon service completion, authorization is given to charge the provided credit card for the agreed amount plus a $100 penalty. This covers non-compliance and administrative costs. Damage to Cart: Charges for repairs due to damage beyond normal wear will be billed to the credit card on file. Documenting the cart condition upon receipt is encouraged to avoid disputes over pre-existing damages. Liability Disclaimer: GoRomana, SRL, BMB Global Trading, LLC, Transporte Turistico & Servicios Abraham, SRL, and their employees, agents, and subcontractors, will not be liable for any injuries or damages occurring during the rental. The client assumes all operational risks, including but not limited to injuries or death. By agreeing to these terms, the client also agrees on behalf of any guests who may ride or drive the golf carts, acknowledging that all parties are aware of and accept the associated risks. Seating Capacity Enforcement: It is imperative that the seating capacity of the golf carts is strictly adhered to, with a maximum of 4 people for a 4-seater cart and 6 people for a 6-seater cart. Abraham's Carts prioritizes the safety and integrity of our vehicles; overloading the carts beyond the specified capacity is a common cause of damage. Therefore, should it be discovered that a client has exceeded the cart's seating capacity, Abraham's Carts reserves the right to reclaim the golf cart immediately, without providing a refund. This policy is in place to prevent damage to the carts and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all clients. By agreeing to these terms, the client acknowledges and accepts this condition as part of the rental agreement. Jurisdiction for Lawsuits: Legal matters related to this agreement will be resolved exclusively in Dominican Republic courts, with parties waiving any defenses against jurisdiction or venue. Your payment submission confirms your understanding and agreement to these Terms and Conditions, including the Liability Disclaimer and Jurisdiction for Lawsuits, for this and any future reservations. | Al completar este formulario de reserva y enviar su pago, incluido el depósito no reembolsable, usted, el cliente, manifiesta su intención de reservar carritos de golf. Tras la presentación, Abraham's Carts verificará la disponibilidad de carritos para sus fechas solicitadas. Una vez confirmada la disponibilidad, requerimos un depósito no reembolsable para asegurar su reserva. Se enviará un enlace de pago o factura electrónica, utilizando el servicio de pago seguro Stripe, a la dirección de correo electrónico que haya proporcionado. Este proceso garantiza la seguridad y confidencialidad de su información de pago. Este acuerdo también se aplica a cualquier reserva futura realizada por el mismo cliente, asegurando un proceso de reserva ágil y consistente para todas las reservas subsiguientes. Depósito No Reembolsable: El depósito, requerido para finalizar su reserva, se vuelve no reembolsable una vez pagado. Aparecerá en el estado de cuenta de su tarjeta de crédito como un cargo de BMB Global Trading, LLC. El depósito se pierde en caso de cancelación. Si necesita ajustar su reserva, como reducir el número de carritos, podemos considerar reembolsos parciales del depósito, menos las tarifas de transacción, caso por caso, siempre que los cambios se soliciten más de 30 días antes de la fecha de la reserva. Las modificaciones dentro de los 30 días de la fecha de reserva no son elegibles para reembolso. Si Abraham's Carts no puede cumplir con su reserva, se emitirá un reembolso completo. Pago del Saldo: El saldo se debe al momento de la entrega de los carritos de golf. Los pagos se pueden realizar en efectivo en USD o con tarjeta de crédito. Pagos con Tarjeta de Crédito: Un cargo adicional del 18% por servicio (ITBIS), según lo manda la ley de la República Dominicana, se aplicará al saldo restante pagado con tarjeta de crédito. Esta tarifa no se aplica al depósito. Duración del Alquiler: El período de alquiler seleccionado refleja su compromiso de alquilar los carritos por la duración especificada. Cualquier cambio requiere un acuerdo previo y puede estar sujeto a disponibilidad y ajustes de tarifas. Cambios de Precios: Los precios de alquiler están sujetos a cambios, especialmente durante temporadas pico como Semana Santa y períodos de alta demanda. Política de Cancelación: Los depósitos no son reembolsables en caso de cancelación. Notifíquenos con antelación para cambios de reserva o cancelaciones, como se detalla en nuestra política de cancelación disponible bajo solicitud. Autorización para Cobro en Caso de No Pago: En caso de negativa a pagar el precio acordado al completar el servicio, se autoriza el cobro a la tarjeta de crédito proporcionada por el monto acordado más un penal de $100. Esto cubre el incumplimiento y los costos administrativos. Daño al Carrito: Los cargos por reparaciones debido a daños más allá del desgaste normal se facturarán a la tarjeta de crédito en archivo. Se alienta a documentar la condición del carrito al recibirlo para evitar disputas sobre daños preexistentes. Descargo de Responsabilidad por Lesiones: GoRomana, SRL, BMB Global Trading, LLC, Transporte Turistico & Servicios Abraham, SRL, y sus empleados, agentes y subcontratistas, no serán responsables por lesiones o daños ocurridos durante el alquiler. El cliente asume todos los riesgos operacionales, incluidos, entre otros, lesiones o muerte. Al aceptar estos términos, el cliente también acuerda en nombre de cualquier invitado que pueda conducir o viajar en los carritos de golf, reconociendo que todas las partes están conscientes y aceptan los riesgos asociados. Aplicación de Capacidad de Asientos: Es imperativo que se respete estrictamente la capacidad de asientos de los carritos de golf, con un máximo de 4 personas para un carrito de 4 asientos y 6 personas para un carrito de 6 asientos. Abraham's Carts prioriza la seguridad y la integridad de nuestros vehículos; sobrecargar los carritos más allá de la capacidad especificada es una causa común de daños. Por lo tanto, si se descubre que un cliente ha excedido la capacidad de asientos del carrito, Abraham's Carts se reserva el derecho de recuperar el carrito de golf inmediatamente, sin proporcionar un reembolso. Esta política está en lugar para prevenir daños a los carritos y asegurar una experiencia segura y agradable para todos los clientes. Al aceptar estos términos, el cliente reconoce y acepta esta condición como parte del acuerdo de alquiler. Jurisdicción para Demandas: Los asuntos legales relacionados con este acuerdo se resolverán exclusivamente en los tribunales de la República Dominicana, con las partes renunciando a cualquier defensa contra la jurisdicción o el lugar. Su envío de pago confirma su comprensión y acuerdo con estos Términos y Condiciones, incluido el Descargo de Responsabilidad por Lesiones y la Jurisdicción para Demandas, para esta y cualquier reserva futura.